TAGS 1 Workout by: Coach LeAnn Carr

Set Details

Coach Name: LeAnn Carr

Coach Position: TAGS 1 Lead Coach

Club/School: Nitro Swim Team

Group Details: TAGS 1 is made up of 12-14 year old swimmers that are mostly “A” times and above. The TAGS cuts or age group champs cuts are generally “AA” or faster (depends on the race and age group).
These swimmers train 1.75 to 2 hours per practice 6 days a week. The older ones are eligible for 1 or 2 morning practices a week (depending on their age, experience and training level). They are never to exceed 8 practices a week. We don’t worry too much about yardage. We do the work that needs doing that day. Some days that results in 6500 yards, other days are 4800 yards.

Workout Notes: This workout includes a threshold set that we use to see where we are and what we need to work on. This set would not be used until we are 10-12 weeks into the season. If they are holding target pace, we might cut rounds off the next time we do it and extend it to 4×100 and one easy.

Warm up –

  • 400 choice swim
  • 300 reverse IM kick/drill/swim
  • 200 pull (buoy at ankles)
  • 100 choice kick fast

Underwater –

  • 8×50 underwater work choice of stroke @1:00 (1st 25 breakout at 15 m, 2nd 25 breakout at middle)

Preset – 2 rounds of:

  • 4×50 free descend 1-4 @:40 + 3×50 fly/back, back/breast, breast/free @:45

Main set – 10 rounds of:

  • 3×100 free @1:15 + 100 choice cruise easy @2:00 (banking your rest is allowed)

Cool down –

  • 8×50 choice, reduce heart rate each 50.  Target is to reduce below 100 bpm


We spend a significant amount of time being brave about trying things we are not comfortable with: 

  1. Doing crossover turns with our least favorite arm on the wall 
  2. Holding under waters just ONE more kick 
  3. Making a kick interval we didn’t think we could 
  4. Racing hard at the end of a tough practice 
  5. Being vulnerable enough to ask for help from a teammate or coach if we don’t understand 

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