Philip Nielsen | 2017-May-3

Set Details

Coach Name: Philip Nielsen

Coach Position: Assitant Head Coach

Club/School: Aquajets Swim Team, MN

Achievements: 2016 ASCA FFT Age Group Coach of the Year Finalist - 1. Being a Father 2. Rachel Bootsma's Age Group Coach 3. I have been a coach for 12 and half years. 4. I swam for 15 years before coaching. 5. Being a Father (Twice as Important as Everything Else)

Workout Focus: SCY ~ To help kids think around a problem and not just take everything at face value. Do not be afraid to try something different.

Athletes/Group Notes: Experienced to Elite Swimmers Ages 11 - 14

Set 1

 #1 900 Swim
Notes  warmup

Set 2

 #2  3 x 300’s No Interval
Focus on Relaxed Shoulders and Body, Maintain a Moderate Speed1st ~ Freestyle
2nd ~ Non Free3rd ~ Choice

Set 3

 #3 9 x 100’s @ 1:20
Get their heart rate up and prep them for the main setDescend 1-3, 4-6, 7-9

Set 4

 4 x 500 Relays  Think Outside the Given Parameters

1 ~ The relay must complete a 500
2 ~ Every Swimmer must complete a leg using the given equipment
3 ~ Swimmers must pass the equipment outside of the water

Relay #1:  Use a Brick Board
Relay #2:  Use a Brick Board and a T-Shirt
Relay #3:  Use a Brick Board, T-Shirt and Drag Socks
Relay #4:  Use a Brick Board, T-Shirt, Drag Socks and Black Out Goggles

Notes The key to this set is make sure they know that there are only those three rules.  Don’t give them any other advice.  Repeat the rules as you see fit.
Objective The key to the set above it to watch and see how it plays out.  When I gave them the brick board they all did the first relay kick.  They made an assumption that they had to use the board for that purpose.  After the first relay I had a swimmer ask me if they could use their arms.  I asked them if that was in the rules.  That swimmer proceeded to tell everyone on their team to use their arms.  It was shortly after that, that everyone was.

After that relay, the same swimmer, starting to catch on, asked me if she could use fins.  Again, I asked “Is that in the rules?”.    By the end, each relay had caught on to what I was doing.  They got to the point where they were helping each other, wearing fins as well as the above gear and attempting to block other relays from finishing.

I asked them when it was all over why I did this.  They were a little confused but I explained to them that I wanted them to start thinking outside the box.  Don’t just get in for every 200 we swim and just blank out and swim the same old stroke over and over again.  Make a change, break outside the box and rethink the rules you have in your head.   You never know when one little change will make you more successful.

Set 5

#5 300 Relaxed Shoulders, Choice of Stroke
Notes  Warmdown

Thanks, Coach Nielsen!

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