Novice Workout: Turns — By: Coach Carrie Rogers

Set Details

Coach Name: Carrie Rogers

Coach Position: AG 1 & 3 and Swim League Assistant Coach

Club/School: Marlins of Raleigh

Novice Workout of the Day: Turns

When/Where this Workout Would Be Used

  • When: During a meet week
  • Group: Novice


This is a meet week workout that we put together to improve the swimmers’ times coming off the walls. We like to tell them “The walls are hot lava!” to encourage them to get off the walls with speed. Our newer kids are supposed to aim for Underwater Dolphin to the flags.


100 Free, 100 Kick, 100 Drill (same warmup each practice, working on technique and stretching out their strokes. If we are doing a stroke day, they might do a drill set for that stroke.)


Kick Set:

10 x 50 Underwater dolphin kick out as far as possible. Then when you surface flutter kick in streamline to the wall, flip turn and repeat. For novice flip turn students, we ask them to push off quickly, kick 2xs on their back, 2xs on their side, 2xs on their front, take one stroke, then a breath.


IM Set: 8x 100 IMs Focus on turns and Breakouts.


Dives: work on Streamlines, Breakouts, not breathing on first stroke.

Everything except Breaststroke we want to see swimmers surface past the flags.

Breaststroke breakout we are just watching for form and correct technique, making sure their heads break the surface before the first regular stroke.


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