3000s Distance Workouts — By: Coach Carrie Rogers

Set Details

Coach Name: Carrie Rogers

Coach Position: Assistant Coach

Club/School: Marlins of Raleigh

Open Water/Endurance practice for a Master’s swimmer training for a 10K

When/Where this Workout Would Be Used:

When we used this: This workout was written for a who swimming competitively as an adult and needed a couple workouts to start developing a more hip-driven freestyle as she moves into more marathon swim training. Working with COVID restrictions on time for pool sign-ups, so we try to have one strong focus each week (i.e. speed, OWS drills, breathing, kicking, etc), while we wait for lakes to warm up for OW race training.

Warm Up:

400 swim any stroke

200 descending by 50s

200 drill (kick switch, side streamline, alligator eyes, Shark Fin, etc… your choice)

200 pull

200 DPS

Kick Set:

10×50 Scull

Figure eight, Windshield wiper, kick in streamline or with buoy in place of board (these will feel like planks if you have proper body position—hips will be higher in the water if your head is down. Breathe to the front.)

Main set:


Recover 10-30 seconds between 100s.First 25yd, breath every 3rd strokeSecond 25yd, breath every 5th stroke Third 25 yd, breath every 7th strokeFourth 25 yd,  sprint!

800 SWIM                                                                                                                                3500 YARDS

This can be used for a group anywhere from 12& Up, as long as they can rise to the challenge! The focus for this workout is a lot of yardage, good for increasing endurance and improving kick. Coach should set intervals according to their athletes.


300 FREE dps

200 BREASTSTROKE alternate 50s BR kick, Dolphin kick



8x 50 Odds- dolphin kick, Even- flutter kick, 15 sec. rest

200 kick on side, alternating sides by 25s.

*** this works the obliques and hammies, NOT the knees! Be sure to stretch or roll out the leg muscles out when done.


Main Set:

3×500 free, desc time, 2-3 minutes rest.

400 backstroke, 2 minute rest.

100 breast, 30 seconds rest.

100 fly, 30 seconds rest.

200 free, 1 minute rest.

COOL DOWN: 400 choice                                                                                                    3800 YARDS

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