200 Flyday Friday by: Coach Charlie McCanless

Set Details

Coach Name: Coach Charlie McCanless

Coach Position: Head Coach/ Director of Competitive Aquatics

Club/School: Blues Aquatics Asheville

Workout Focus: 200 Butterfly

Type of Workout: 200 Fly Focus

When during season: Mid-Season training. We do this this set AFTER we’ve clearly outlined expectations for fly. This set is only for athletes that can maintain proper mechanics for training a 200 fly.

Group: High Level athletes – this one’s tough but effective.

Name: 200 Flyday Friday

Warm Up:
400 Choice
12×50 @ 1:05 BK Drill PRogression
4×100 IM @ 1:15
9×50 @ :55 K w/sox

The practice starts with a general warm up that we do nearly everyday. A loosen up swim and about 15min of a focus on a specific stroke drill progression. We tend to mix these strokes around during the week. We then hit 4×100 IM @ 1:15 descend 1-4. We have been focusing on kick counts on Fly/Bk on these 100s and stroke rate and body driven FR finishes on the freestyle portion. We try to finish these 100s with a fast effort.” I like the group to have their heart rates up early in practice. 9×50 SOX kick to finish warm up. Kick hard and keep a steady effort for 8-9min with sox. We’ve got a saying on BAQ: “My drag sox are my two best friends.”

Prep: Some speed work to get ready for the main set.
Speed Drill/Turnover Focus:
3×25 @ :35 Speed Drill to 15m
1×25 @ :35 Focus Swim – Perfect Tech
3×25 @:35 KO/Blaster/Body
1×25 @ :35 Focus/Drill

Main Set:
8×25 @ :20 FLY – Steady Kickcount, consistent stroke count – shoot for 8 kicks, 6 strokes
1×200 FR @2:20
1×200 Fly @ 2:40 FAST – sub 2:00
8×25 @ :20 DK on BK – Make sendoff, 8 underwater kicks each wall
2:00 break

This one ain’t no joke. It’s tough. This set is only for athletes that can maintain proper mechanics in a 200 fly in practice. There are 4 of them mixed in here. It starts with 8×25 @ :20 Fly where the focus is consistent kick count and stroke count on each 25. Breath early on these. I ask athletes to imagine this is an extended 100 of their first 100 in a 200 fly in a race. The set then pops into a 200 FR @ 2:20 where athletes are to get their HR down without slouching too much on the sendoff. Then we hit a 200 Fly fast. How similar can your stroke count and kick count be to the 25s under serious stress? Athletes should get minimum :20 seconds rest after this. We then head into 8×25 Kick on BK @ :20 – which in all honesty – is the hardest part of the set. Keep the underwater kick count the same on these 25s.

Warm Down:
1×100 @ 1:50 D/S
2×25 @:55 Scull

About our Club: We’re a year round club that trains at the wonderful boarding school called the Asheville School in Asheville, NC. The group has Juniors qualifiers, Futures, Sectional athletes and more. BAQ is proud to help athletes from around the globe become leaders in the pool and out! Our team is at http://www.bluesaquatics.com/ and @bluesaquaticsasheville. Info on the Asheville School can be found here: http://www.ashevilleschool.org/

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