Workout Wednesday for March 30th, 2016

Workout Wednesday for March 30th, 2016

From Coach John Leonard

  • Head Coach, SwimFast, Davie, FL
  • ASCA Executive Director
  • ASCA Level 5 Coach

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Age Group 1 – 20 athletes.
Mostly 10 & Unders, a few 11’s and two 12’s.  About 75% with local JO cuts.  25% just below that level.

Practice Purpose Today:
Aerobic set, quality stroke control under monderate stress; then fast kicking.
And 12’s (half of 25) of perfect stroke control with drills.  Skill development.
Time:  1 hour, 30 minutes.  Short course yards.


On their own, 30 x 25 alternate one arm fly drill and breast pull with “fast wiggle” kick (dolphin kick but very fast.) all with 5 seconds rest.

Kick 300 no board, alt 25 fly and 25 free, all on their side. (Volume 1050 yards.)

Primary Set

20 athletes divided into three groups by ability, with intervals listed being for the fastest group and scaled slower from there according to group:

2(400-300-200-100) on 1:30 base backstroke.

1(400-300-200-100) on 1:25 base freestyle.    (Volume 3K yards.)

60 seconds rest between rounds.

Kick Set

4 x 25, 4 x 50, 4 x 75, 4 x 100 fast free kick
on boards mainly freestyle but may chose fly if able to make intervals. (30 second base per 25) (Volume 1K yards.)

The 12’s

Going 12 yard rather than 25 increases the likelihood this will happen.

Fast paced, less than 7 seconds rest between repetitions.

Maximum brain engagement, coaching is CONSTANT, HIGH VOLUME

And Pressurized. Expectations are PAY ATTENTION, Do the Drill perfectly and


To see this, visit the ASCA online education website and watch this teaching method in this video.

John Leonard – Coaching a Novice Workout

Enjoy the privilege of coaching!

All the Best,
John Leonard