What Universities Do, is Take in Teenagers and Turn Them into People


Dr. Myles Brand (in a lecture to the CSCAA meeting in Tucson, Az, May 23, 2008.)

“What Universities do is take in teenagers and turn them into people.”

“Ten years from now, how many of your students will use what they learned in calculus? But ten years from now, how many do you think will be using the lessons they learned in athletics? Hence the validity of athletics as a part of education.”

“Thus, Universities should subsidize the cost of athletics. The question is, how much is enough?”

If ever there was an NCAA President who “gets it,” its Dr. Myles Brand. A philosopher by trade, his address to the CSCAA told fundamental truths about the nature of NCAA sports, NCAA administration and NCAA politics of Olympic and Non-Olympic Sports.

Dr. Brand urged college coaches to strongly and continuously promote their sport to the larger audience of University and community, and be the strongest possible advocates for the sport which contains true “student-athletes.” In very direct language, he told College Coaches to “fight for their sport.”

In a later meeting with CSCAA, USA Swimming and ASCA leadership, Dr. Brand agreed to support and push forward several proposals to strengthen collegiate swimming. We are grateful for his wisdom and support and are working now to bring these ideas to fruition.

– JL

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