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Coach Paul Bergan

“Without the coaches that have so positively impacted Claire it is hard to imagine her becoming the person she is today.” – Connie Donahue, mother of 2012 Olympic gold medalist Claire Donahue

“Over the course of our children’s (Sean, Kevin and Kara Lynn) swimming careers we were fortunate to have had coaches who taught them to be the ‘complete package’. The complete package is when you are a good swimmer and a better person.” – Bob Joyce, father of three-time Olympian Kara Lynn Joyce

Coach Bill Rose has dedicated his life to making kids better swimmers and better people. Chloe would not be the person she is today without his guidance both in and out of the pool.” – Wendy Sutton, mother of two-time Olympian Chloe Sutton

“Over the years, Christine (Magnuson) had numerous coaches, and each of them taught her about the sport and about life. These dedicated coaches inspired her to set and achieve her goals and to have fun at the same time. I believe that all of them contributed to the person she is both in and out of the pool.” – Geri Magnuson, mother of two-time Olympic medalist Christine Magnuson

What is the Significance of a Coach to an Athlete?

They are more than just an instructor. Coaches are teachers, motivators, mentors, advocates, cheerleaders, disciplinarians, advisors, trainers, and often become a trusted member of athletes’ families. Coaches make a positive impact on countless athletes’ lives on every level of competition.

In the sport of swimming, the ASCA has been the leader in training and producing quality coaches for the swimming community. In appreciation for all that coaches do for grassroots athletes, the Fitter and Faster Swim Tour (presented by SwimOutlet.com) is proud to be continuing and enhancing its relationship with the American Swimming Coaches Association for 2013. Each year since the Fitter and Faster Swim Tour’s inception in 2009, the tour has enhanced its presence at the ASCA World Clinic and upgraded its support of this important organization in swimming. In 2012 and now again in 2013, the Fitter & Faster Swim Tour has signed on to be a sponsor of the ASCA Awards Banquet and Hall of Fame Ceremony alongside the other sponsors: USA Swimming and Colorado Time Systems.

Founder of the Tour, David Arluck, when asked about the partnership stated: “There are many great coaches throughout the United States who do not place swimmers on Olympic or National teams. They are dedicated to their craft, make swimming fun and inviting to participants of all ages. These coaches have great retention rates year after year. They play an essential role in developing young men and women into responsible students and contributors to society. We are proud to be working with ASCA to recognize these important contributors to our sport together with those coaches who have developed amazing athletes.”

One thing most elite level swimmers have in common is that they retain as much information as possible and believe in their coaches. Being a part of the Fitter and Faster Swim Tour gives them the opportunity to teach them “tricks of the trade.” Number one is listen to your coach and develop a good relationship with your coach.

“Swim coaches have played a huge role in my development as a person and I’ve been very fortunate to learn from so many great people,” Stated three time Olympian Peter Vanderkaay. “I’m proud to be associated with the Fitter and Faster Tour, which supports the swim coaching community all over the country.”

“It’s critically important to the overall development of our sport in the USA, that the commercial side of the business reinvest in our athletes and coaches, both elite and non-elite,” stated John Leonard, Executive Director of the American Swimming Coaches Association. “It is marvelous that the Fitter and Faster Tour, which serves BOTH elite and grassroots sides of our sport, participates as a sponsor in the Annual Awards Banquet of the ASCA, which likewise recognizes coaches from an AGE GROUP COACH OF THE YEAR in EACH LSC (Local Swimming Community), to the ELITE COACH OF THE YEAR, the most prestigious award in all of coaching. Our thanks to Fitter and Faster for their participation as a sponsor.”

Parents Appreciate Good Coaches Too

Perhaps the people with the most appreciation of good coaches are the parents of athletes. Not only do parents entrust coaches with the well being and safety of their children, but also see morals and valuable lessons instilled in their children through the coaches’ instruction and mentoring. Having four sons who all swam at an elite level, Mark and Robin Vanderkaay, the parents of Olympian Peter Vanderkaay, are quite familiar with the positive impact coaches have in the life of athletes. They understand the importance of having qualified, trained, and passionate coaches.

“Our sons had the benefit of fabulous coaching during their swimming careers. This includes their age group coach and college/professional coaches. Along the way these mentors made a difference and helped mold our sons in and out of the pool. Our sons’ coaches never gave up on our boys and taught them many life lessons. We used to joke with our age group coach that he made our parenting job easier! Often, the coach that is developing the swimmer is not the one that gets the recognition on the medal stand, but was instrumental to their success.

Thanks to Arluck Promotions and the Fitter & Faster Swim Tour for sponsoring the ASCA and supporting these fine people at all levels of the sport. Arluck Promotions and The Fitter and Faster Swim Tour have been invaluable in supporting all levels of swimmers for years and now they are branching out to include the recognition and development of coaches! Thank you so much, this will do great things for the sport of swimming in the USA!”

More about the Fitter & Faster Swim Tour Presented by SwimOutlet.com

The Fitter & Faster Swim Tour Presented by SwimOutlet.com is the sister company of Arluck Promotions. The tour enables teams, communities and local swim clubs to host a professionally managed swim clinic featuring many of the best swimmers in the world. The mission of The Fitter and Faster Tour is to teach and inspire swimmers of all ages and skill levels.

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