USA Swimming Governance – Real Change Under Discussion.


The 2013 Governance Committee, chaired by Peter Carney, is tackling two major and meaningful changes to the way we govern ourselves. Bravo!

First, they are considering a move to a biennial convention. We’d do the Rules in Olympic Years. (Rules Committee or Board of Directors can use their authority in “emergencies” anyway.)

Elections would be in the non-Olympic, even numbered years with four year term limits.

There could still be a “convention” in the odd numbered years, but it would be simply committee meetings and educational opportunities. Participants could go “in and out.”

As anyone who has been to a Convention recently knows, as we mature, we have fewer and fewer things to really change. We’d save a TON of money and time with a Biennial Convention.

Second, they are considering a change in schedule from Wednesday to Saturday, to Sunday to Wednesday.

Some might scratch their head at that, but those who are concerned with technical swimming decisions, would immediately “get the point.” The House of Delegates is our “peak of the decision making pyramid.” And many of our MOST IMPORTANT AND INFLUENTIAL COACHES are University coaches. And almost NO University Coaches can be at the HOD anymore…they MUST (to keep their jobs) be HOME for football games and recruiting on the Saturday. Our current schedule removes many of our best technical thinkers and votes, from the governance of our sport. The composition of the convention remains the same….1 weekend day and 3 weekdays…but with this plan, the included day of SUNDAY, reinfranchises our University Coach Members of USA Swimming.

These two great ideas deserve our complete support.

All the Best, John Leonard

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