Update On Counsilman Lecture 2010


Dear ALL,

I would like to alert you to the nature of the Counsilman Lecture in 2010 in Indianapolis.

Thanks to the diligence and persistence of ASCA Fellow Megan Pittman, we have a real super-star as our Counsilman Lecturer this year.

Mr. Steve Farr, “Teach for America” programs in house professor and who’s job it is to both FIND and create America’s newest and BEST teachers and study how they are successful, will join with his colleague Andrea Stouder Pursley, (married to young coach Brian Pursley) and an elite swimmer at SMU in her college days, will be our Counsilman Lecture.

Mr. Farr has a new book on the market titled “Teaching As Leadership” which is my bed-time read every night for the past month. It is fabulous, and it is entirely and wholly directly relevant to what we all do each day on the pool deck.

Steve is also a swimming enthusiast who spent time in Austin and spent time with many members of Eddie’s Longhorns and cheered them on.

Andrea will add swimming expertise to the presentation as well.

While Mr. Farr is a “household name” in the education field, he may be less familiar to our coaching colleagues. I would ask everyone’s assistance in helping your friends understand the importance, relevance and direct “take it home and use it tomorrow” applicability of his presentation. From reading his book, I can also assure you that many of the things we already do as coaches come under the heading of “best practices” that he recommends.

This is going to be a presentation that we will all remember. Please help spread the word.

All the Best, John Leonard

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