To Friends, Family, And The Many, Long Time, Much Loved Associates.


My father, Cecil Colwin, passed away this morning at 1:40 AM. He went peacefully, with my sister Pauline and I at his bedside. He would have been 86 in August. The burial and graveside ceremony will take place Monday, June 25th at the Jewish Memorial Gardens, located at 2692 Bank Street in Ottawa. We will sit Shiva at Pauline’s home. There will be an open house from 2:00PM to 4:00PM starting Monday, June 25th until Friday June 29th.

Please accept our apologies for not keeping in better touch over the past few months…particularly the unanswered emails and phone calls. Cecil began to deteriorate in February, and our time was consumed with his care.

On behalf of the family I thank you all for the many, many years of support and friendship shared with my Dad. As my father’s illness progressed it quickly became evident that the doctor’s were not dealing with the average patient. Last week after been given a couple days at best my father was moved to a wonderful Hospice facility. As I sat with him in his new room while he was sleeping, his arm raised up from under the covers and started to practice a freestyle entry! I must tell you it was still flawless.

In his own words, he said: “I’ve had a great run.”

All the best,

Robert Colwin and family.

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