The “Swim Quick Day” Needs You!


Valentine’s Day, Saturday February 14, 2009 is being appropriately promoted as a “Swim Quick Day” for the purpose of raising money in the fight against cancer and for committing our emotional energy toward the healing of our friend Richard Quick. Coach Quick is battling an aggressive brain tumor that entered the wrong body, because if anyone can resist it’s damage, Richard can.

We’ve all had or have friends or family that have been effected by this dreaded disease so why a day just for Richard? There are many reasons but here are some that I like.

  1. Because of Richard’s popularity in the world of swimming we have the chance to raise a great deal of money toward finding a cur for cancer. Richard has done so much for so many that we can mobilize both the USA and the world-wide swimming committee to help by giving a little or a lot to Swim Across America, swimming’s arm for finding a cure for cancer and the endowment in Richard Quick’s name.
  2. We can prove to ourselves what Richard already knows and has taught his swimmers for years: the mind and it’s emotional content can change anything if we focus hard enough on a specific task. This will be a day to swim concentrating on our love and well wishes for Richard Quick. If computers can run on “wireless” Richard will feel our energy as will the invasion into his body!

Swim Across America is organizing this special day quickly and needs your help. Coaches, please demonstrate your leadership in the swimming community by mobilizing your team, your LSC and your conference/league and swimming community. If coaches are the leaders of the world of swimming then it will be coaches – YOU! – that ensures the magnitude of success that “The Swim Quick Day” can be. The concept is to swim in practice or competition, devote our energy toward Richard’s good health and donate to in his name. Please check your LSC website in the next week and make sure there is information on how to give money and the motivation to give our emotional energy.

This author has been coaching swimming for 38 years and never led a prayer at a practice or around a competition. It never seemed like an appropriate intrusion into the personal values of my team members. We will have a prayer, or something like it, on Valentine’s Day Feb. 14th. The reason is that Richard Quick is not just my friend he is a friend of everyone who swims on the planet earth. Although a ferocious competitor with his own swimmers and teams Richard has made time for the rest of us. Coach Quick never let his competitive nature slow him from giving back every year, on committees, in volunteer work to make our day at the pool a better day than it would have been without his time, his smile, his yell and his effort. Richard’s mantra of “athletes first” has helped plow the road for clean sport, his creative training and stroke concepts integrated physiologists and bio-mechanics’ tightly into our sport and his first class treatment of all swimming parties means it’s time for a party for Richard!

Thanks for your participation in a “Swim Quick Day.” When that day is done it’s lasting effect will have just begun. Doctors, scientists and researchers will be better equipped to help you and your family avoid facing the same challenges that the Quick family faces right now. Make the Quick family our family, even if it’s just for one day. We will remember that day for a long time, so will Richard and so will the Quicks.

Among the ways to send your wishes to Richard and his family:; ;or write to him at 1593 Olivia Way, Auburn, Ala. 36830.

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