The Journal of Swimming Research Returns! (Volume 18)


After a hiatus of several years while searching for both an editor and a business model to make the JSR work, we are once again “back in business.” The new, improved Journal of Swimming Research can be found on the ASCA homepage, Research Journal section. The JSR was initially conceived in 1984 by my predecessor, the academically gifted Dr. Keith Sutton, who became a good friend of mine. He and his talented wife Mary (also a Ph.D) gave birth to the first peer-reviewed JSR (a first for swimming as a sport!) in 1984 and after Keith’s untimely early death, Mary continued as editor for many years and put out a number of top quality issues of JSR. Following Mary, Dr. Joel Stager of Indiana University gave selflessly of his time and energy to continue the publication and advanced it further. Now taking the Journal into an online publication is one of the original editors, Dr. Jan Prins of the University of Hawaii. We are indebted to Dr. Prins for his energy, enthusiasm and applied intellect to make this publication a vibrant and coach-useful entity once more.

From Keith and Mary, to Joel and Jan, this is indeed a labor of love. For us coaches it is a peer-reviewed source of “real science” that we can depend on.

Our thanks to all these great scientists for their persistence, and dedication to cause of “real science” for coaches. Many warm thanks!

– John Leonard

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