The Following Is From An Email To Bruce Stratton, Chair of the Rules and Regulations Committee


RE: New Swimwear legislation

“The ASCA would like to submit the following legislation to the process for September 2009 consideration.

page 28, Rulebook.

Item 102.9 – (Change to the following)

Swimsuits worn for all 12 and under age group defined competition and for all 13 and older competition serving athletes below the Level of national A time standards shall be: for Males, knees to navel coverage only. For Females, Hips to Shoulder coverage, only.

Purpose: In order to maximize the accessibility of the sport to people of all financial means, we want to limit swimsuits to the most basic design in the developmental levels of the sport, (as defined by both age and performance levels). Limiting design will also limit costs. In addition, we believe that at the age group/developmental level, improvement in the athletes performance should come from increasing athleticism, learning with attention to detail and appropriate training, without technical elements of swimsuit design adding to the enhancement of improvement.

Bruce, thank you for including this proposal in the packet of legislation to be considered.

All the Best,

John Leonard”

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