The Doc Counsilman Memorial Lecture Fund


Following the passing of legendary Coach James “Doc” Counsilman, the American Swimming Coaches Association asked a group of his closest colleagues to create fund to achieve one of Doc’s most well goals….the improvement of swimming by using ideas from well outside the sport of swimming.

Doc always sought ideas from professionals and dedicated practicioners in other fields, in order to enhance his coaching, and encouraged the members of our profession to do likewise.

The Committee for the Counsilman Memorial Fund is chaired by Coach Bob Groseth of Northwestern University. (

Members of the Committee include: Jack Pettinger of Wisconsin, Dr. Joel Stager of IU, Mark Jedow of San Antonio, and Dale Neuburger of Indianapolis, Chuck Warner of Rutgers.

The purpose of the fund is to help afford the fees and expenses of “special speakers” whom we otherwise could not afford to fund to speak the Annual ASCA World Clinic. The first three of these speakers included Hobie Billingsly of Diving and IU, C.M. Newton of Basketball Hall of Fame, and Marcus O’Sullivan, the great Villanova Track Runner and now coach, and in 2007, Vern Gambetta, the world’s premier expert in dryland development for swimmers.

To make a contribution to this fund, send a check to Bob Groseth at 2311 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL. 60208. If you prefer to use a credit card, contact John Leonard at ASCA, who will then write a check to the fund. (


Among those organizations and individual who have made contributions in more than one year are:

Bob Groseth and Jimmy Tierney – an annual pledge of $500 from their summer camp.
Peter Malone and the Kansas City Blazers.
Coach David Marsh and Coach Dave Gibson of Mecklenburg Aquatic Club.
Coach Jack Simon
Coach Richard Jochums and Santa Clara Swim Club.
Coach Tom Musch
Coach Don King.
Coach John Leonard
Coach George Block, Coach Mark Jedow and the Alamo Area Aquatics Association.
Coach JoAnne Macher
Coach Mark Schubert – donation of his speaking fee from ASCA World Clinic.
Coach Richard Quick – donation of his speaking fee from the ASCA World Clinic
Coach Ed Reese – donation of his speaking fee from the ASCA World Clinic.
Coach Jack Bauerle – donation of his speaking fee from the ASCA World Clinic.
Coach Vern Gambetta – donation of his speaking fee from the ASCA World Clinic.
Coach Rick Curl and the Curl-Burke Swim Club
Coach Robert and Jennie Strauss.
Coach Peter Linn
Coach Ron Heidary and Orinda Aquatics
Coach Forbes Carlile, Australia
Coach Frank Comfort, North Carolina
Dale Neuburger and the Indiana Sports Corporation.
Coach Robert Kasl
Coach Dennis Dale, Minnesota
Coach Jiang Zhan
Coach Tim Murphy, Harvard
Coach Chuck Warner – annual donation from Swim Camp

For those too young to have benefitted directly from contact with Doc Counsilman, it is wise to recognize that we all, in the profession of coaching swimmers, stand on the shoulders of giants and owe them a huge debt. We pay that debt by honoring their memories and remembering their contributions to the great sport we have today.

Doc Counsilman was one of the American Giants.

John Leonard

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