ASCA Certification and TESTING.


By John Leonard, ASCA Executive Director

ASCA Education is about LEARNING. TESTING is part of the learning process, so we test all of our Required Courses and many of our Enrichment/Continuing Education courses.

Because it is about LEARNING, we are not writing tests to try to trick, or fool, anyone. This is not about taking a test, this is about learning significant material from each course.

Therefore DO NOT HAVE TEST ANXIETY. We do not “score” each test.  I personally review each and every test done beyond level 1, which is automatically scored, as a joint project with USA -Swimming since it also is their requirement. I am looking, plain and simply, to see if the coach has picked up the major points of each course and can apply/use them.

When we do live courses, we do not pretend that we are doing IDENTICAL stroke schools, physiology schools, etc. EACH PRESENTER IS ASKED to bring their personal perspective and experience to the teaching experience. Sometimes, ideas and materials presented, DIFFER. That’s the idea. There are 1000 roads to Rome and at least 1000 approaches that work to teaching strokes and executing swim training. WE WANT OUR PRESENTERS to enrich your coaching education with what has worked for them.

Answer the tests according to what you have learned in the course. Period. Do not fret if someone did not cover one particular question. Just answer the best you can. No one or two questions sink your test. In fact, if you present logical and good answers, we are not looking for testing traps, we are looking for what did you learn?

I hope this is helpful in understanding our philosophy and execution of the Certification Tests for the ASCA. Thanks for being a part of the ASCA and being Certified.

All the Best, John Leonard

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