Reports this weekend from the FINA Swimsuit Manufacturers meeting in Switzerland, indicate that a unanimous vote of the suit manufacturers recommends a return to a suit for men that cover the upper body and extends to the knee in the 2013-2017 quadrennium.

Luckily, their vote counts for very little. This action will require a recommendation from a member federation (or the FINA Bureau) for such a move, and a vote of the FINA Congress to overturn the existing rule voted into place near unanimously in July of 2009 in Rome.

Undoubtedly, they can find a stooge Federation to make such a recommendation since several Federations are dependent for their funding on swimsuit manufacturers.

So between now and the FINA Congress meeting in 2011 at the World Championships, its back to “game on” in political circles.

Do we want to continue the present rule or do we want to cover the male upper body? And return to more expensive swimsuits for men?

Or are we going to be treated to the “argument” that men should be wearing the same Swimsuit as the women? That’s a bit of nonsense we’ve heard before.

So the “News” is that the swimsuit industry once again wants to make more money.


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