Some Really Special Clinicians in the Schools Prior to ASCA World Clinic…


In addition to the lowest room rates you will find in a convention hotel in Las Vegas, this year’s ASCA Clinic offers some really special coaches doing school presentations…

Coach Bill Wadley of “The Ohio State University” will be presenting the CSCAA course on “Coaching in College” on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Those who know the college scene know what a spectacular job Coach Wadley has done in creating a stable and successful program.

Coach Vern Gambetta along with Coach Nick Fowler of Cal, will present the Dryland Training School on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Anyone who has ever heard Vern on this topic leaves with hundreds of ideas to put in place immediately upon arriving at home.

Coach Bryan Dedeaux of Mission Viejo will present the Level 2 STROKE SCHOOL on Weds, Sept. 5. A career age group coach to date, Coach Bryan is teaching great strokes every day in one of the world’s most successful programs. And he’s a marvelous presenter and the youngest person we’ve ever had present this school!

Coach Peter Banks, currently Head Coach of Ireland, and coach of triple Olympic Gold Medalist Brooke Bennett will present the ASCA Level 3 Physiology of Training School, focusing on how to plan, and conduct effective training programs to produce outstanding swimmers. Wednesday, Sept. 5.

Coach John Leonard, ASCA Executive Director for the past 27 years, will teach the Level 4 Leadership School from 7AM-12 Noon, on Weds. Sept. 5. His experiences leading groups from local to the FINA Coaches Commission provide John with a unique perspective on what it takes to be an effective leader for your team or organization.

Don’t miss this amazing line-up (and others) of ASCA Schools.

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