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World Clinic Yearbook, Vol. 43: San Diego, CA 2011




The 2011 World Clinic Yearbook contains transcripts from the 43rd ASCA World Clinic, held in San Diego, CA in September 2011. The annual World Clinic showcases coaches from the highest achievement levels of our sport, sharing their knowledge, insights and wisdom.

Whether it’s learning the basics of coaching eight and unders, or a high level discussion on race analysis of world-ranked athletes, every coach who attends the World Clinic will find something new to add to their swimming toolbox. And the coaching instruction is just the beginning.

The four day program is filled with a myriad of opportunities to mix with some of the most prominent names on the swimming landscape, to challenge yourself with differing philosophies and coaching perspectives, to gain insight into the business side and governance aspects of American swimming, and to see first-hand the products, services and tools available to take your coaching and your program to the next level.

Coaches who could not attend the ASCA World Clinic can still learn plenty via the World Clinic Yearbook, which contains transcripts of the clinic’s talks.

The 2012 ASCA World Clinic in San Diego, CA showcases coaches from the highest levels of our sport, willing to share with all their knowledge, insights and wisdom, with a lineup that includes Bob Bowman, Eddie Reese, Jack Bauerle and more:

  • Councilman Memorial Lecture Series: Mr. Luis Lastra, US Navy Seals

    The US Navy SEALS are sending Mr. Luis Lastra to the ASCA World Clinic to be the Doc Counsilman Memorial Lecture Speaker. Mr. Lastra will discuss the SEALS methodology for teaching the components of composure under extreme pressure, mental and physical toughness and retaining Mission focus. As swim coaches, we too are committed to building champions for life, and this talk is sure to provide meaningful lessons you can take home to your team.

    The Councilman Memorial Lecture Series was formed in tribute to one of the swimming profession’s most revered figures, James “Doc” Councilman. Each year, the lecture provides World Clinic attendees with a speaker from “outside” the coaching profession. In this way, we hope to honor Doc’s concept that our best learning comes from outside our own immediate environment.

  • Age Group Track: Mission Viejo Age Group Staff

    The Mission Viejo Age Group Staff, a combined force of young and dedicated coaches serving under the tutelage of Coach Bill Rose, will share the Nadadores philosophy and discuss how the team successfully promotes the development of a strong, well-rounded age group program that continues to produce elite 18 and under athletes. The Mission Viejo Nadadores, one of the largest and longest continuously operating USA Swimming programs, recognizes the club development system as integral to achieving excellence. Hear about the team’s unique organizational structure and the challenges and advantages of working within a large staff.

    Learn how coaches Sarah Dawson and Bryan Dedeaux utilize coaching technologies and embrace positive teaching methods within dedicated peer-group practices. From training sets to dryland, meet selection to motivation, these coaches will share intricate details of the very fabric that makes up the Nadadores tradition of excellence.

  • Technical Emphasis: Nort Thornton and the amazing things he’s done with breastrokers

    After Coach Nort Thornton “retired” as coach of the Cal Berkeley Men’s team he stayed on as an assistant coach and focused on the breaststrokers. The result? His breaststrokers finished first, second, and fourth at last year’s NCAAs.

    Here is short article Nort wrote and a nice preview to his presentation at the ASCA World Clinic, My Thoughts of the New Breaststroke: “After coaching for fifty plus years as a head coach at the high school, country club, U.S. Swimming club, community college and NCAA Division I levels, where I had sole responsibility of coaching the whole team on all of the four competitive strokes, I retired from the University of California at Berkeley where I have been for the last 33 years. I decided to volunteer to help out, and our present coach David Durden was kind enough to put me to work. We decided that I could be the most helpful if I looked after the breaststrokers swimmers, so that is what I have been doing for the last two years. It isn’t really work when you love what you are doing.”

(This item is the Binder + CD bundle version of the 2010 Yearbook; which contains both a binder and a CD version of the Yearbook (each are available separately as well).

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