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ASCA World Clinic Yearbook (1969-1979)




For you swimming historians and anyone else that wants to read some great articles on swimming from the old days. We have an electronic copy of the talks from the first ASCA World Clinic Yearbook (1969-1979). It has a variety of great historical talks including Doc Counsilman’s “X Factor.” Get your historic ASCA World Clinic Yearbook Downloadable PDF today only for $20!

Talks Included:

  • The Butterfly by Don Easterling
  • Training at the Lakewood Aquatic Club by Jim Montrella
  • Medical Problems of Swimmers & Divers by Sammy Lee
  • How to Construct a Workout by Don Gambril
  • Organizing a High School Program by Dick Hannula
  • Tennessee Swimming: The Winning Edge by Ray Bussard
  • Coaching a Swimmer to Coach Himself by Bob Miller
  • Training for the 1500 by Don Talbot
  • Communications Gap by Mike Troy
  • Motivation for the High School Swimmer by Dick Hannula
  • Middle Distance Training by Don Lamont
  • Backstroke by Ron Ballatore
  • Self-Evaluation Goals and Objectives by Don Jacklin
  • Medley Swimming by Flip Darr
  • Swimming in Mexico by Ron Johnson
  • On the Liberation of Swimming Coaches by Kent Porter
  • How to Teach and Train Backstrokers by George French
  • DPS – How to Swim Fast by Jack Nelson

Many more…

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