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Teaching Age Group Sports Psychology | John Leonard



An American Swimming Coaches Association 4 Hour Course Taught By Coach John Leonard

This popular course addresses coaches on how to do two key things to help their teams: First, how to teach PEAK PERFORMANCE MENTAL SKILLS to their athletes. And second, how to develop and provide a series of educational opportunities built around developing Life Skills for their athletes.

The course is designed in such a way as to provide the coach with what they need to teach the material. (or it could be viewed directly by athletes.)

Fast swimming comes from athletes who are both physically and mentally prepared to focus, concentrate and deliver their best at the right moment in time. This skill also extends to taking a test, being at your best in a social situation and every other important moment in life. In reality, this is PERFORMANCE TRAINING, not just for the athletic side of their life.

Life has never been more complicated for our young people. All the trappings of modern life provide both huge challenges and opportunities to them that prior generations did not have and did not face. Life skills can be taught by the coach and remembered and used by the athlete/person for many decades afterwards.

What to teach and ways to teach it are the focus of the 2nd part of this four hour presentation.  In addition to the video presentation, each purchasing coach will be sent a set of outlines/notes for the lectures.


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