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Steve Haufler – Correcting Stroke Flaws


This Online Education video presentation includes the following talks from Coach Haufler’s Age Group & High School Coaching presentation alongside Coaches Shana Trabona and Kevin Kinel:

  • Correcting Stroke Flaws, Part 1: Freestyle & Backstroke
  • Correcting Stroke Flaws, Part 2: Breaststroke & Butterfly


About Coach Steve Haufler

Orinda Country Club Sharks
Steve is head coach of the Orinda Country Club Sharks. Steve brings enthusiasm and passion to his coaching and has trained his staff in his creative and systematic teaching philosophy that he has developed through 35 years of experience at the high school, USA Swimming, college, Masters and summer recreational levels. He has been a featured speaker at many coaching clinics and has made 4 best selling instructional DVD’s for GoSwim Productions. Steve is considered an innovative coach and throughout his career has instructed and coached many swimmers who have gone on to compete at the collegiate and national levels. Steve graduated from UCSB in 1974 (where he was elected captain of the swim team) and received a M.Ed. from Colorado State University in 1978.

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