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Gary Hall, Sr. – Teaching the 4 Competitive Strokes


The Basis of Swim Coaching is helping people swim better and faster. One of the USA’s greatest Olympians, Dr. Gary Hall, presents his innovative and creative teaching methods for each of the strokes. Dr. Hall is one of the great stroke technicians in the world today and an hour on each stroke will be helpful for coaches from those coaching beginners to those coaching world-class athletes.

This Online Education video presentation consists of 4 talks:

  • Teaching the 4 Competitive Strokes: Fundamentals
  • Teaching the 4 Competitive Strokes: Freestyle
  • Teaching the 4 Competitive Strokes: Backstroke
  • Teaching the 4 Competitive Strokes: Breaststroke & Butterfly


About Coach Gary Hall, Sr.

Race Club Camps
Dr. Gary Hall, Sr. has dedicated his life to teaching technique and training methods to children, Masters, fitness and health swimmers at the Race Club Camps. He brings his science background, knowledge and experience in stroke mechanics and a strong passion for swimming to offer an unsurpassed quality of teaching at the Race Club. Swimmers of all ages and abilities come from around the world to learn from and be inspired by Dr. Gary Hall, Sr. and give themselves the lifetime gift of swimming.

“Hall is probably the best collegiate swimmer in the world and he has done everything in his career…”
– From James “Doc” Counsilman to Dr. Hall at their final NCAA Championships

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