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Coaches Survival Pack by Guy Edson (5 course bundle)


$97.75 $74.75

For a limited time, save $25 on this new 5 course bundle!

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This five course video series by Coach Guy Edson of ASCA is truly essential for any swim coach.   Coach Edson brings decades of experience as he hits the key topics that will help any coach from new to experienced become more organized, effective, and better trained to tackle the many challenges and opportunities being a swim coach brings.  Save $25 now by purchasing the five videos in this bundle for only $50 for instant access to all 5 videos.

Survival Pack Contents:

  • Course 1: Sports Psychology You Can Actually Use (46 min)
  • Course 2: Qualities of the Well-Organized Coach (48 min)
  • Course 3: Handling Difficult Situations With Parents (45 min)
  • Course 4: Managing The Swim Meet (30 min)
  • Course 5: Habits of the Highly Successful Coach (30 min)

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