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ASCA ONLINE EDUCATION | Advanced Freestyle School



This course is 14 hours of on-line education that covers ALL the information that a student of the sport would want to know about the history and present of the Freestyle stroke, as well as 9 hours “ how to” teach technique and train freestyle from Coaches Mike Bottom, Brett Hawke and  Bruce Gemmell. This covers “extreme expertise from the 50 to the 1500 and open water.

The course is narrated by the late great Forbes Carlile of Australia and the ASCA’s own John Leonard.

The first section of 2 hours of wonderful video of all the great names in  history in the freestyle events with commentary on what each historically contributed to changes in the stroke. This is divided into 6 “lessons” in various lengths

The second section is about 3 key teaching points from over 50 great coaches of age group, high school and senior champion swimmers. The uniformity of thought is impressive.

The Third section is teaching video beginning with “how to teach today’s child effectively along the lines of proper use of “myelin sheath” teaching theory, then delves into some exact drills and progressions for new swimmers, in very deep detail.

The last section allows you to select extensive two  hour sessions in video of three coaches….Mike Bottom of Michigan, Brett Hawke of Auburn and Coach Gemmell of Nations Capital Swim Club and the great Katie Ledecky. You can chose to watch just one, or you can watch all 9 hours with all of them.

The student of the sport cannot find a better in depth treatment of the stroke. The program can be taken on-line at your own pace, for an investment of $109.00 for the course.

We hope you’ll consider adding this to your coaching education on-line today.

This course is broken down into four (4) lessons.

  • Lesson 1: The History of Freestyle
  • Lesson 2: 50 Great Coaches Give You Their Top Three Priorities When Teaching Freestyle Swimmers
  • Lesson 3: Teaching Drills
  • Lesson 4: Coaches Teaching Advanced Freestyle Techniques and Training

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