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All Four Advanced Stroke Schools


This product will give you Online Access to 3 Advanced Stroke Schools (Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke) as well as ship you the Advanced Butterfly Stroke School Manual.


Why Would You Purchase This Set of Four Advanced Stroke Schools?
The Advanced Stroke School concept is for the Student of the Sport. Its not casual learning, it’s not short, it follows Mr. Einstein’s dictum ..”Everything should be made as Simple as Possible, but no simpler.”

Understanding stroke in depth, is not simple.

Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke are on line, and very video intense. (Butterfly is still a manual…we’re working on it.)
Thinking about best teaching methods and thinking about “where the stroke may go in the future” depends on knowing and understanding its past and how the stroke development was “aligned” with the dominant training methodology of the day. This series accomplishes that “connecting the dots”.
Throughout history, strokes have evolved by coaches alternately focusing on increasing propulsion and then decreasing resistance. When a “line of thinking” appears to come to a temporarily end, coaches shift to working the “other side of the line”, shifting alternatively between decreasing resistance and increasing propulsion. This series follows that sequence, which sometimes lasted a short a time as a few years and sometimes cycled in Decades!
When you are a student of the sport, you are best prepared to develop stroke technique that will best serve your individual athletes.

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