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A Dryland Circuit For 13-18 Year Old Swimmers: With Coach Guy Edson


A Dryland Circuit For 13-18 Year Old Swimmers: With Guy Edson

In this 45 minute course, Guy Edson, ASCA Director of Clinics And Seminars, takes you through the planning and execution of a dryland program gear specifically for ages 13-18.

This course is intended to be very practical, handouts are included to help you get started right away.


You can Read More about Guy Edson Here: Guy Edson is the director of ASCA’s clinics and seminars, as well as ASCA’s Job Service program. Guy works with established clinics to add value to their event by bringing ASCA on-site schools as pre- and post- clinics events. He also creates, promotes and directs new clinics in areas of the country where other established clinics do not exist. As the Job Service Director, Guy consults with employers and coaches on a wide range of coach-employer relationship issues, contract issues, and club structure issues. He facilitates the placing of position announcements on ASCA’s Job Service page on His favorite role, however, is coaching the coaches. This includes consulting with coaches and teaching the ASCA Certification and Coaching Enrichment courses. Guy uses ASCA’s resources ASCA to collect information from the world’s most successful coaches and then shares that information to new and intermediate coaches. Since 1988, Guy has presented educational courses to over 3,500 coaches throughout the US and in four foreign locations. He takes particular care in presenting the information in practical terms, which coaches can put to use at their very next training session.
Guy was a full-time professional swimming coach for 16 years, coaching high school, age group, and senior swimming before joining ASCA in ‘88. He coached 3 individual age group national champions and club state team champions in New York, Illinois, and Minnesota. He is an ASCA Level 5 Age Group Coach and continues to coach part-time.

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