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2017 World Clinic Video | A Model for Large Club Business Operations | Beth Winkowski


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In 2014 Beth Winkowski won the Fitter and Faster American Swimming Coaches Association Age Group Coach of the Year Award. Winkowski’s career has epitomized what it means to be an age-group coach — cultivating swimming talent at every level, keeping swimmers in the sport, mentoring new coaches and laying the foundation for her athletes to succeed at the collegiate, national and international levels. Currently she is coaching with Dynamo as an associate head coach, an organization with 850 year-round swimmers. As such there is much to learn from Winkowski in her 2017 ASCA World Clinic talk “A Model for Large Club Business Operations” where she shares her expertise and tips on how to effectively run a large club business, with a business model that has supported the team culture and the growth of that culture, while building the brand.

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