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Napa Bundle- All 11 recorded talks!




The following talks are included in the Napa bundle:

Mark Schubert: The Magic of Thinking Big

Abbie Fish: I, Y, Shoot, Scoop: How to Teach Proper Breaststroke Timing for Age Groupers

Jamil Higley: Emotional Strength Training

Mike Parratto: Question and Answer with Audience Participation

Charlie Hoolihan: Peaking for Strength and Power for Championship Meets

Abbie Fish: Is Butterfly Undulation Required for Ae Groupers

Mark Schubert: Developing a Great Team Culture

Dave Durden: Coaching Backstrokers Ryan Murphy & Bryce Mefford

Dave Durden: Planning a 12 Month Season

Mike Parratto: Age Group Topic

Dave Durden: Freestyle Drills and Key Stroke Corrections


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