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Certified Summer League Coach – Online Course


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The new ASCA Summer League course is the first of its kind to educate and certify coaches for summer league coaching.  Learn stroke technique, effective tips on managing meets, and to have fun leading your swimmers to reach their fullest potential. As a bonus, a one-year ASCA membership is included. Students will receive their certificate in the mail approximately 10 days after the final test is submitted.

Please Note:  If you are ordering this course for other coaches, please submit separately to avoid confusion during processing.  A new account (or membership extension) for 1 year will be given to each coach in addition to access to the Summer League Course. Each coach should complete the form below and submit with purchase.



  • Chapter 1 – Successful Summer League Coaching  (Don Heidary)
  • Chapter 2 – Stroke Technique For All 4 Strokes  (John Leonard)
  • Chapter 3 – Freestyle Progressions of Drills (Jackson Leonard)
  • Chapter 4 – Teaching Tips for Starts, Turns, & Finishes (Guy Edson)
  • Chapter 5 – Working With Parents (Jackson Leonard)
  • Chapter 6 – Planning & Managing the Workout (Guy Edson)
  • Chapter 7 – Managing a Meet (Jackson Leonard)

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