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Level 1: Foundations of Coaching. (Online Certification Course)



Coaches in UAE please note: You will not receive the ASCA Gold Seal Certificate (required for coaching license in UAE) for taking either the on-line or the book version of this course. You must take the live course in the UAE from a Professional Sports & Lifeguard hosted clinic. We, the American Swimming Coaches Association and Professional Sports & Lifeguard, believe that a live clinic with the opportunity to share ideas and converse with the speaker serves the best educational interests of our UAE friends. Click Here To See Upcoming Live Clinics in the UAE

The Foundations of Coaching course is designed to increase your knowledge and teaching skills to help you become a better coach. Inside you will find:

  • Interviews with some of the top coaches in the USA.
  • Coaching advice and stroke drills.
  • Technical instruction and information.
  • Guidance on developing young athletes

CHANGES in the LEVEL 1 Requirements

This course is available for purchase by anyone. However, this course does not satisfy the requirement for USA Swimming Coaches membership. This course is for high school, college, YMCA, summer club, and international coaches.

How to Access the Online School:

The first step to purchase this course by adding this product to your cart and checking out. Once the course is purchased, to view the course, simply visit the My Courses link at the top of our home page. You must be logged in to the ASCA website to view My Courses.

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