Level 5: Administration School



The Administration School is the fifth of ASCA’s five certification courses.

For the coach who is, or aspires to be, the head coach of any organization (high school, college, YMCA, club, etc.), Level 5 covers every topic, among them: budgeting; communications; fundraising; team entries; hosting meets; and working successfully with assistant coaches, volunteers and boards of directors. Frequently described as the area coaches are “weak” in their job, this course is designed to give new head coaches a tutorial on how to deal with administrative tasks–before they become “administrative issues”. There are sections devoted to the special needs of high school and college coaches.

While not about the “fun” parts of coaching, the Administration School is about the parts that allow a coach to get, keep and prosper in a good job. We recommend that the wise coach take this course long before they expect to “need it”. Having this information will help you get the job you’re dreaming about.

(ASCA Certification: test included with manual, 15 units)

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