Level 3: The Planning and Execution of Training for Swimmers of All Ages




The Physiology School is the third of ASCA’s five certification courses. Level 3 offers a review of how the body can react and adapt to training, as well as serving as a resource for developing on knowledge on training structure. The manual gives practical knowledge on how to develop a long- and short-term training plan, and how to incorporate progressions to bring-about improvements.

The Physiology School manual is written in a simple, coach-oriented style, and comes in a loose-leaf format for you to add articles of interest. It begins with a review of the interaction of various physical and mental systems, continues with the scientific background for training, descriptions of training methodologies and terms, and then proceeds to discuss the planning of training for both new, developmental swimmers and accomplished swimmers of all ages, up to and including Senior and Masters swimmers.

(ASCA Certification: test included with manual, 10 units)

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