Level 2: Stroke School Set




The Level 2: Stroke School is the most popular course in ASCA’s history. Over 14,000 coaches have taken the Level 2 Stroke School since 1986. The purpose of the Stroke School is to give the coach practical, useful tools to construct and to a lesser extent correct swimming strokes. This manual is a practical text for teaching. We do just enough science to give you the necessary foundation and then move on to the things that are helpful to you on deck every day.

This is the NEW 5th edition by John Leonard. Designed to help coaches in the teaching and correction of swimming strokes. The 2013 revision is currently available in two forms: a home study course, which can be completed “via notebook” on paper, or the preferred method, the video-based online course. (Please select your preference above.)

The duration of the online course is approximately 8 hours and can be accessed through the ASCA website. Once purchased, the course can be completed at your convenience according to your schedule by accessing your progress via password upon your return. After payment the course will be accessible for six months. The course is video-based, with 8 hours of content in 9 chapters split into 60 parts.

How to Access the Online School:

Enrollment for the Level 2 Online course is complete when you purchase the tuition here. Once purchased you will be able to access the course in the MY COURSES link at the top of the ASCA Website’s Home Page.


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