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Sprinting II: It Takes Guts




Coach Samuel Freas has used his decades of experience and skill in successfully developing Olympic and world swimming champions, world-record holders, U.S. champions, and collegiate and Masters champions to bring you up to date on his latest methods to gain speed and develop sprinters.

In Sprinting II: It Takes Guts, Coach Freas shares timeless axioms and essentials for speed as well as revised material from his bestselling and sold out book, Sprinting: A Coach’s Challenge.

His practical approach explores techniques and methods for starts, turns, finishes, dryland, weights, reaction drills, season planning, pool workouts and more. Decades of success have given him a unique perspective, which he shares through personal insight and experience.

Swimmers, coaches, and parents will find Sam’s practical approach and his illustrations, shared through his characteristic storytelling flair and easy writing style, both interesting and beneficial.

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