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Advanced Freestyle School




The Advanced Stroke series contains transcripts from the ASCA World Clinic over the past 40 plus years, as well as supplemental articles and photographs. The texts provide both a historical and a state-of-the-art representation of how to teach and train each stroke. There is no other resource in the world that goes into this amount of depth on the specifics of each stroke. If a coach wishes to become a stroke teaching expert, there is no other more complete set of knowledge, from a broader and more expert group of coaches, than what is presented herein.

The Advanced Freestyle School is for the coach who wishes to understand the stroke from a perspective of development from the 50’s through the 90’s, and wants a comprehensive set of studies from coaches who have worked with the great freestyle swimmers of that era. This historical book is capped by a scientific analysis of the current World Record holders, a photographic look at the modern stroke, and a section by today’s leading coaches on what direction improvements in the stroke will take in the future.

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