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Teaching Character through Sport: Developing a Positive Coaching Experience


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Demonstrates how a positive coaching legacy can transcend scores on a bronze plaque as a coach influences and helps to mold the life-long character of the athletes they work with.

Noted author and speaker Bruce Brown examines the key issues is creating a lasting legacy, including; how to make a difference, common traits among successful coaches, beliefs about character and sport, action statements about teaching character through sport, redefining the term “athlete,” teaching specific values, practicing sportsmanship, the qualities of great teams, team building through positive conditioning, the role of parents in athletics and much, much more. As easy and enjoyable to read as it is thought-provoking. A must for coaches of any level and sport.

This is a teaching guide for those of you who enjoy developing a season training plan for the mental side of the sport. Topics include themes for teaching life skills through sport including enthusiasm, work habits, courage, integrity, perseverance, winning and losing, discipline, great competitors, confidence, poise, sportsmanship, friendship, teamwork.

Also included are:

  • Common Traits Among Successful Coaches,
  • Action Statements about Teaching Character through Sport,
  • Qualities of Great Teams, and
  • Teaching a Specific Value Using Themes Based on Character.

Written by Bruce Brown, current speaker, past athletic director and retired coach with three decades of teaching and coaching basketball, football, volleyball and baseball at junior high through college levels.

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