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Eddie Reese Coaching Swimming, Teaching Life


Three sections:

Who is Eddie Reese? 
How Eddie Coaches
Why So Much Winning?
Stories from over 50 former swimmers and coaches about Coach Reese. 130 quotes from the man himself. 

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Why should you own your copy of EDDIE REESE: Coaching Swimming, Teaching Life? To be the best coach you can be and help your swimmers swim faster.

History’s most successful swim coaches have common traits with those most successful coaching other sports. For example, one of college football’s winningest coaches Alonzo Stagg was once asked after a superb season, Is this your best team ever? His answer, “I won’t know for twenty years or so.” Like Coach Stagg, there is a reason WHY Coach Reese has had such success and it’s more than just helping swimmers go fast. Here is a video of two minutes of insight into what is behind Coach Reese’s long legacy of winning.

The book brings you inside the life and coaching of Coach Reese and owning it allows you to read and re-read wisdom, stories and concepts to help you formulate your own recipe for success.

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