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Dryland Training School, Second Edition (Downloadable PDF)


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The second edition of the popular Dryland Training School is almost 50% more extensive than the original, with a number of new and useful features for coaches:

  • Comes with a DVD with 110 minutes of extensive demonstrations of more than 100 dryland training exercises.
  • Three chapters fully develop the place of dryland training in all programs: from young age group/novice athletes to elite athletes.
  • One chapter develops the idea of how we relate what we do on dryland to faster swimming in the water.
  • One chapter develops a “cookbook” approach to dryland. If you lack the time to spend on extensive dryland development and still want to be able to do some dryland training.
  • Five chapters develop specific routines in different modalities, such as stretch cords, medicine balls, plyometric balls, hand-weight exercises, and exercises with little-to-no equipment needed.

Whether you coach Age Group or Senior swimmers, this manual is your primer on: what to do, when and how to do it, and what it takes to effectively improve the athleticism of your athletes. 119 pages.

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Binder & DVD, Downloadable PDF

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