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Dryland Training for Age Group Swimmers


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Have you ever noticed that many age group swimmers lack basic coordination, rhythm or balance abilities? Have you noticed they have difficulty “holding the line” due to poor core strength? How is their jumping ability?

This manual is an awesome tool for creating a dryland program for your age group swimmers. The purpose of this course is to teach you how to develop overall fitness, develop coordination (motor skills) and use as much “organized play” as possible to achieve goals with age group swimmers.

Author Laura Cox begins with an introduction to general principles and a discussion of equipment; and goes on to list and describe over 200 skills. The skills are listed in tables showing an i.d. number, category, skill type, level, muscle groups, and description. Professionally created drawings perfectly illustrate each of the skills. Then the author suggests 13 workout plans in order to accomplish objectives such as: balance, body awareness, movement control, speed, pace and tempo.

The course shows you how to include variety in the skills performed, as well as the equipment used.

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