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Fundamentals of Competitive Swimming for Eight-and-Unders




Fundamentals of Competitive Swimming for 8 & Under Swimmers: Based on Balance, Breath Control, Sculling and Rhythm

This book is a fantastic creative program authored by Dr. Laura Cox, a genetic biologist by day and an 8&U/Novice coach at night. This illustrated book provides a systematic, day-by-day approach to teaching skills to 8 & Unders, based on the swimming principles of Bill Boomer. The combination is a revolutionary change in the way coaches can approach swim team practice for young swimmers.

This is an excellent companion work to our other manual Coaching 8 & Under Swimmers, which focuses on planning for and managing young swimmers. Fundamentals focuses on what to teach and how to teach it; specifically addressing breath control, balance, sculling and rhythm in each of the four strokes.

Detailed, specific, and comprehensive, this is what you need to work with the 8&U athlete. Also includes sample workouts, progressions, skill evaluation check lists, and racing evaluation forms.

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