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Coaching Eight-and-Under Swimmers


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The coaching of 8 & Under swimmers is an art and a science all unto itself. Our youngest and most inexperienced swimmers are a blank slate with the opportunity for future greatness waiting to be “written on them” by their first coaches. This manual is intended to prepare coaches who work with 8&U athletes as a part (or all) of their job. It addresses the science and the art of coaching the youngest members of a swim team, and getting them off to an exciting, fun and educationally-sound start in the sport.

Emphasis is on successfully organizing their first year, first month and first day in swimming. Covered inside: planning and organizing practices that are compelling, exciting, interesting and fun; as well as providing a great introduction to first-swim-meet experiences. A must-read for any new coach working with the team’s newest swimmers.

Written by a committee of highly experienced 8&U coaches, this is “soup to nuts” information good for the new 8&U coach or as a great “idea stimulator” for the experienced coach.

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