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2017 World Clinic Audio | This Really Works for High School Swimming | Duffy Dillon



Recorded live at the 2017 World Clinic in Washington, D.C.
This Really Works for High School Swimming | Duffy Dillon
Duffy Dillon, is a Level 5 certified ASCA and USA Swimming coach and instructor. He has been walking pool decks internationally on every continent for over 25 years. Coach Dillon is equally talented at hosting swimming meets at every level and provides a unique, one of a kind insight into both the swimmer and the swimmer’s world. Dillon moderates this audience-participation discussion “This Really Works” from the 2017 ASCA World Clinic. Take a moment to listen to different coaches and attendees of the 2017 ASCA World Clinic as they discuss what has worked for their high school teams over the years. This is a great learning experience for anyone who wants to add to their toolbox of ideas for what could work for their own high school team in the future.

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