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2017 World Clinic Audio Talk | Counsilman Memorial Lecture: Educating Youth for Global Citizenship | Kathy Kemper



For the younger members of our profession, James “Doc” Counsilman was one of the foundational members of the Coaching profession in the latter half of the past century.

One of things that Doc lectured us all on constantly is that we cannot advance our sport solely by looking within our own sport. We had to learn from experts in other fields and bring that wisdom to swimming. As such, this year’s Counsilman Memorial Lecture at the 2017 ASCA World Clinic was given by Kathy Kemper. Known as “Coach” to many, a nickname which she earned in her time coaching the women’s tennis team at Georgetown University, Kemper is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Education, a non-profit foundation that recognizes and promotes leadership, civility, and finding common ground, locally, nationally, and in the world community. In Kemper’s talk “Counsilman Memorial Lecture: Educating Youth for Global Citizenship” she shared her knowledge on leading people beyond their boundaries and fears, as well as understanding when to pivot, be adaptable, and how to pivot in both sports and life successfully.

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