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2017 World Clinic Audio Talk | Favorite Sets for Age Groupers | Chris Natoli & Ian Rowe



Chris Natoli has been a local swimming community staple with 10 years of summer league coaching under his belt. Natoli continues to develop over 50 athletes in the two thriving senior level programs he coaches. Ian Rowe has coached with NCAP since 2012 and has been the lead Silver coach during that time, prior to that Rowe was the Head Age Group Coach at Club Seminole in Tallahassee, Florida. In their talk, “Favorite Sets for Age Groupers” presented at the 2017 ASCA World Clinic, Natoli and Rowe from Nation’s Capital Swim Club, give viewers a chance to go into the minds of two Age Group coaches minds and explore their favorite sets. In the talk the viewer will learn what their favorite sets are, why Rowe and Natoli find them important to use for Age Group swimmers, and how to implement them effectively during practices.

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