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2017 World Clinic Audio | Breaststroke Training | Ray Looze


Audio Talk

Recorded live at the 2017 World Clinic
Breaststroke Training | Ray Looze


Recorded live at the 2017 World Clinic Audio Talk
Breaststroke Training | Ray Looze
Ray Looze, 2017 ASCA Coach of the Year and the first swimming coach in league history to repeat as both men’s and women’s Big Ten Swimming Coach of the Year, has achieved unparalleled success as both a coach and world-class swimmer. He was named to Team USA’s coaching staff for the 2016 Summer Olympics after 3 IU swimmers made the squad, while 4 of his other swimmers qualified for the Olympics. His expertise, which he presents to coaches in his 2017 ASCA World Clinic presentation “Breaststroke Training”, is extensive and effective. His training tips and techniques given in this talk are some of the training methods he used with Lilly King (2016 Olympic Gold Medalist) and Cody Miller (2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist).

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