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2017 ASCA World Clinic Audio | Training the 200 IM and 200’s of Stroke, Ned Skinner


Recorded live at the 2017 ASCA World Clinic
Audio Talk | Training the 200 IM and 200's of Stroke, Ned Skinner


Recorded live at the 2017 ASCA World Clinic
Ned Skinner has coached for Virginia Tech since 1998. In his time at Virginia Tech the H2Okies contend for ACC Championships, consistently rank in the top 25 nationally, produce All-Americans, conference champions, and standout student-athletes both in the classroom and in the community. As a coach, Ned Skinner believes in an individualized approach to training, because every athlete is slightly different. He also makes technique a top priority for all of his swimmers. His philosophy is, “you have to train the way you want to compete”, which means racing is also common place in practice. Listen to his views on training techniques for mid-distance racing in his 2017 ASCA World Clinic Presentation “Training the 200 IM and 200’s of Stroke”. Skinner goes over the importance of speed base, kicking, strength power, confidence, dryland components, technical components, and having a racing mindset in building a successful 200.

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