Sentry River Pool Pro Series 1

Available from ASCA for $40,000 $25,000, Nearly 40% OFF!!!


Wireless Control And Mounted Touchpad

Industry Leading Flow Range of 0 to 8 MPH

240V Variable Frequency Drive Motor


Inside Length – 16′

Inside Width – 10′

Water Depth – 42″

Bench Width – 18″

Bench Height – 22″

Hydraulic Motor – 20HP

Filtration Pump – 1HP

Cartridge Filter – 150 sq. ft.

Electric Heater – 11KW

Gas Heater (Optional)-150BTU


Sentry River Pools has donated one of their Pro Series 1 River Pools to ASCA. ASCA is now selling this pool at a steep discount to ASCA Members.

The Pro Series 1 River Pools typically retails at $40,000, this pool is being sold for $25,000!!


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