Level 1, 2, Dryland Training for Swimmers, and How to Write Workouts

October 21-23, 2019

Location: Singapore

For More Information and to Register please reach out to eling.ouyang@isa.edu.sg

The Instructor: George Block: WSCA President and ASCA Hall of Fame Member

Level 1 Foundations of Coaching

If you are a new or beginning coach the ASCA Level 1 Foundations of Coaching Course will be VERY helpful to you.
This course is required for your UAE coaching license
More importantly, in this course you will learn to be a better coach and to have more fun while doing your job.

Teaching Skills: The Foundations of Coaching Course shows you to teach children wonderfully.
Motivation Skills: The Foundations of Coaching Course prepares you to motivate children.
Working with Others: The Foundations of Coaching Course provides knowledge of how to work effectively peacefully and effectively with parents, administrators, officials, and other coaches.
Communication Skills: The Foundations of Coaching Course shows you how to improve your communication skills.
Running a Practice: The Foundations of Coaching Course gives you an example of how prepare and run a practice for novice swimmers.

This is a course that make you a better coach.

Level 2 Stroke School

You have swimmers in front of you — They do not know how to swim breaststroke. How do you teach them?Or, maybe you have a swimmer in front of you who can swim butterfly but he pulls himself too high out of the water and becomes tired after only 25 yards – How do you correct this?
You have a child trying to swim freestyle but she keeps lifting her head to breathe and when she does her right arm crosses way over to the left and she swims crooked down the pool. What do you do? It won’t fix itself.
Your swimmers don’t know how to do a freestyle turn and you are not sure how to teach them.

The Level 2 Stroke School will show you how to build and correct strokes, starts, and turns.

Dryland Training for Swimmers of All Ages. – A Four Hour Course.

This course is designed to help you develop a dryland program for your team, regardless of age, experience and equipment available.
Three chapters fully develop the place of dryland training in all programs: from young age group/novice athletes to elite athletes.
One chapter develops the idea of how we relate what we do on dryland to faster swimming in the water.
One chapter develops a “cookbook” approach to dryland. If you lack the time to spend on extensive dryland development and still want to be able to do some dryland training.
Five chapters develop specific routines in different modalities, such as stretch cords, medicine balls, plyometric balls, hand-weight exercises, and exercises with little-to-no equipment needed.
Whether you coach Age Group or Senior swimmers, this Course is your primer on: what to do, when and how to do it, and what it takes to effectively improve the athleticism of your athletes.

How to Write Workouts for Age Group Swimmers.

Age group swim teams should get better by plan – not by accident (or new people moving into town or simply growing 2 inches over the weekend.) This popular course presents a practical process for creating a season training plan based on goals. The overall emphasis is that age group workouts should be written according to objectives, rather than yardage – although, yardage is important to record and evaluate. Age Group swimmers are not just little seniors and should have workouts written to their needs. Writing workouts requires a different approach and some different ideas that may upset your current mode of thinking. (That’s a good thing!) Topics include goal setting for results, identifying the components (or objectives) of workouts, setting priorities, delineating cycles (called “points of focus”), creating a workout model, constructing individual workouts, making, managing and running multiple groups, and over an hour on tips for running great workouts. We will develop a working season training plan for an age group team during the class. The principles of the course can be applied easily to novice, age group and high school programs. Taught by Guy Edson who is coaching an age group team every day. A 70 page book plus a 50 page handouts/worksheets are included.

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