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Established in 1976, the Eastern States Clinic is the most comprehensive and personalized coaches’ clinic in the United States. This is an excellent clinic exclusively for the education and advancement of coaches and swimmers. This clinic is sanctioned by ASCA. Attendance earns you 20 points toward ASCA Coaches Certification Program.

The Eastern and Central States Clinics are the largest and most respected privately run clinics in the United States. This clinic offers you a special opportunity to be with top age group and university coaches as well as ASCA and required USA club certification courses.

ASCA Schools & USA Swimming courses will be held prior to the clinic at the Crowne Plaza on Saturday and Sunday. All courses are optional with an additional fee.

ASCA Schools


How to Improve Your StayAbility
Sept 28th: 1:00-5:00pm | $50.00

We want to see coaches in long term relationships with their employers. Too often coaches accept a job without a firm contract & too often clubs hire a coach without a thorough process. This may work fine for a while but then the inevitable issues arise. This course is about what can go wrong and how to avoid it & if something does go wrong, how to fix a bad situation. This course is not academic or hypothetical, we use real situations. (10 education credits)Working Successfully with Parents – $50.00

Coaching the Developmental Swimmer, 9 Yr Olds to High School

Sept 28th: 6pm-10pm | $50.00

This course is designed for both the newer coach & the experienced coach. If you are new, this is going to give you what you need to know about making meaningful progress with developing swimmers. If you are experienced, you are going to gain a valuable resource for training your staff. This course will help you if you have novice level swimmers who swim ugly freestyle, sit-down-in-the-water backstroke, unrecognizable breaststroke & non-existent butterfly or if they float off the wall with the streamlining of a bean bag & if some are listening to their parents instead of you, the rest are underwater & you have 26 kids like this all by yourself. This is about managing the group & managing your time, fundamental progressions for each of the strokes, managing parents, keeping your patience, having fun, & making real progress with young swimmers. (10 education credits)

ASCA Level 2 Stroke School
Sept 29th: 8:30am-5pm | $75.00

The ASCA Stroke School is about fundamentals. It is about constructing strokes and correcting strokes. When constructing a stroke which fundamentals do we teach first – what is the progression? What are the teaching techniques? When correcting strokes, how do we spot the difficulty and how do we approach it? We will view Olympians and look at the latest trends and techniques but we will spend the majority of the time talking about the young swimmers YOU coach. Tons of video clips… very energetic presentation… you’ll learn things you can put to use the next day. There are no pre-requisites and all coaches are welcome.

Creating Team Leadership
Sept 29th: 6-8pm | $50.00

This course is for both coaches & athletes & covers what is leadership, what types of leaders are there, what are the responsibilities of leadership & how does leadership grow? These are the core topics to be discussed. Presented as a discussion, rather than a lecture, the goal is to provide athletes with a clear picture of leadership & the tools for creating a leadership oriented swim team.

Issues & Solutions for Parents of Age Group Swimmers
Sept 30th: 9am-Noon | $50.00

Discussed will be the role of the parent, athlete & coach: How each is an integral part of swimming success & life skills success & why each must be in correct balance with the others. Why forming a partnership with the coach is important, how to do it & how to make it work in the long term. Too often we do not think of this critical relationship as a partnership. This discussion is presented by a 40 year career coach who is also a consultant to coaches & parents, & who also was a swim parent but never coached his own child, preferring to fill the role of her parent instead.

SwimAmerica Training – September 30th – 6:00-9:00 PM

Contact Julie Nitti 1-800-356-2722

Clinic Venue

Crowne Plaza
2349 W Marlton Pike, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
(856) 665-6666
(Pool sessions at the NL Aquatic Center.)

Recent attendee’s say:

“Every talk had relevance for me as a high school and age group coach. One of the best workshops I have ever attended.”

“I’ve been to the last 8 clinics. The speakers always bring new ideas for coaching and teaching swimming.”

Come to this clinic and make your program better than ever!

2016 Eastern States Swim Clinic and ASCA Schools